Cheryl Fergison fakes family on Family Fortunes

Family Fortunes is a popular game show, watched by many people over the years. The concept behind it is very simple, you go on with members of your family and try to win money, but that important detail seems to have been missed by Cheryl Fergison, who plays Heather Trott on EastEnders.

She recently went on the show, hosted by Vernon Kaye, and played against Mikey Graham from Boyzone. Cheryl was said to be playing with her mum Gina and her sister Michelle along with her half sisters Lesley and Carol Campbell. However it has been announced that her mother passed away several years ago and Gina and Michelle were in fact friends of hers, and were in fact Gina Coomer and Gina’s daughter Michelle.

Although Cheryl insists that she has done nothing wrong, and told the show’s producers exactly who everyone was, members of her family do not see things the same way. A source has said; ‘Her dad was furious. He couldn’t believe his daughter was describing these people as her flesh and blood in front of millions of viewers on national TV. Why lie about something like that?.’ A spokesman for the show simply said; ‘All Star Family Fortunes appreciates the fact that in modern day Britain not all family members are linked by blood. Cheryl explained her family situation to the production team before taking part in the show.’

Cheryl was in the news not so long ago when it was announced that she was planning to get married to Yassim al-Jemoni, a goat herder from Morocco, 21 years younger than her, who she first met online. Let’s see if this latest controversy passes over so quickly.

November 29, 2010 - by Gerry · Filed Under GOSSIP